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No More Muddy Mixes, Thin Tracks, or Amateur Demos

If you’re like most musicians, you dream of making music that sounds just as good as your favorite records.

But when you compare your mixes to theirs, you feel like you’re lightyears behind:

  • Your mixes lack the same punch and energy
  • The low mids feel muddy and the whole song sounds quiet
  • The vocals are too harsh and don't quite fit in with the rest of the mix

So you get discouraged because you spent 10 hours tweaking your tracks, but all you end​ up with is a thin high-end, harsh mids cluttered up with too much reverb and boomy bass.

But you know that your tracks can sound better.

So you keep tweaking, hoping your mix will improve.

You aimlessly add more plug-ins, but it makes you feel you’re over-processing your tracks.

Unfortunately, when you take the processing off, you lose all the power and punch you spent so long achieving.

And when you finally think you’re finished, it still sounds like an amateur demo.

So you go searching for answers:

  • You jump from one Youtube video to another, trying to find that elusive mixing trick to solve all your problems. Still, you waste your time because everyone gives you contradictory advice that leaves you more confused than before.
  • You read another book on mixing even though you feel like you’ve read them all countless times.
  • You get new plug-ins, but now you’re overwhelmed and frustrated with how little they help your mixes improve.

Overall, you've wasted hours without having anything to show for it, thinking, “if only I had a little more time, I could finally get that definition and punch in the mix.”

But you’re a busy person with lots of obligations. You can only devote so much time to your studio and wish you could use it better.

On this page, you’ll learn to make the most of your limited time and transform your recordings into professionally mixed tracks you're proud to release.

What if You Don’t Need to Figure This Out Yourself?

  • What if you could confidently finish your mixes knowing they’ll sound as good as pro records?
  • What if you could stop tweaking your mixes because you knew exactly when they were done and ready to release?
  • What if you could stop worrying about whether your mixes were any good...and start proudly releasing professional-sounding records...every time you mixed a song?

Hi, I’m Björgvin Benediktsson, author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Step By Step Mixing and founder of Audio Issues.

In my career, I've worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, and an audio educator.

Since 2009, I've been helping people like you transform their rough recordings into professional records they can be proud to release.

The Secret Behind Great Mixes

My mixing techniques have helped countless musicians and producers gain the confidence and skills to make professional mixes they can be proud of.

And after training thousands of musicians and producers for over ten years, here's what they've discovered after learning my methods:

  • You don't need thousands of dollars of fancy plug-ins.
  • You don't need to buy more gear to make your next mix sound amazing.
  • You don’t need to waste time on Youtube tutorials when you could be finishing your tracks.

What you need is a reliable process. A simple workflow. A fool-proof formula to follow.

Using a proven process and a solid mixing FORMULA is the best way to get quality mixes every time.

Using a proven process and following a solid mixing formula, you can create quality mixes every time. You'll save money by not having to buy unnecessary plug-ins, and you'll save time by knowing exactly how to transform your demos into professional-sounding mixes that jump out of your speakers.

The formula you'll find on this page is the framework that helps you confidently finish more mixes than you've ever done before.

So if you have fully recorded songs waiting for you to finish mixing but they’re just sitting there like zombies in the hard-drive graveyard, it’s time to learn the easy formula to transform your rough recordings into finished mixes.

Once You Learn My Formula...Mixing Becomes Easy!

For 15+ years, I’ve passed on everything I’ve learned about music production and mixing so that you can avoid my mistakes and get better mixes in less time.

Because I've dedicated myself to helping musicians and engineers like yourself how to make a bigger impact with their music, I want to teach you everything I've learned since the beginning.

That way, you can avoid my mistakes AND use my shortcuts to get impressive mixes you can be proud to release.

Mixing isn’t some crazy, chaotic trial-and-error process where you throw random plug-ins on your tracks to see what sticks.

There’s a simple formula you follow, and you’ll get a professional mix every time.

I’ve broken down the most important parts of mixing into a proven process that’s helped thousands of musicians and producers just like yourself make radio-ready mixes from their home studios.

Whether you’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM, or hip-hop, the formula on this page will instantly improve your mixes, no matter what genre you’re working in.

Even if you only have the stock plug-ins in your DAW, you can use this mixing system to create professional mixes that rival the sound of your favorite records.

And if you want to get there, you can….

...Without wasting money building a "pro" studio or buying every plug-in they try to sell you...

...Without hiring an expensive mixing engineer whenever you want to release a song...

...You can learn everything you need to mix professional, broadcast-ready records with…

Introducing: The Mix Finisher Formula

Your 6-Part Program to Instantly Improve Your Music

WARNING: Mix Finisher Formula is NOT a Normal Course. It’s a Proven Program to Help You Create Finished Mixes You’re Proud to Release

In-Depth Training

Uncover everything you need to know to transform your rough recordings into finished, release-ready records, no matter what DAW you use, even if you only have a small home studio.

Make Fast Progress

60+ bite-sized videos, practice multi-tracks, reference tracks and mix breakdowns you can watch on your computer or through the app on your phone so you can always make progress, even if you don’t have a lot of time

What Are Students Saying?

"Without a doubt the best investment I’ve made this year."

“Mix Finisher Formula was my perfect class. Without a doubt the best investment I’ve made this year. It’s helped me understand so very much. I told myself my whole life that I don’t have an ear for this and that was my excuse for never learning how…It finally hit me that my DAW is a musical instrument and that really woke me to make that musical choice. I’m absolutely loving it."

- Mama Gina LaMonte (Florida)

"Now when I start a new project, I have more confidence and feel better about my mixes. I have purchased similar courses before and I have never received this kind of one on one attention from others."

"I felt like I had a basic knowledge of recording and mixing. The issue I had was putting it all together and figuring out a way to get a song finished (or knowing when a song is finished) and ready to be mastered and released. I learned a lot about EQ and compression but the biggest takeaway was learning a rock-solid workflow that keeps me mixing and creating instead of losing valuable time sifting through hours of articles and videos. Now when I start a new project, I have more confidence and feel better about my mixes. This course was great and the support was outstanding. I have purchased similar courses before and I have never received this kind of one on one attention from others. The course worked well for me and it was presented in a way that never felt like information overload. If you are looking for a straightforward mixing course that teaches you advanced techniques that you can actually understand and use to improve your mixes, then this is for you."

- John Owings, 3003 Sound (Oklahoma)

"It was you who really encouraged me to make the final step and release songs at last."

"Without your support, I would have never dared to publish songs. I’ve tried to follow all your advice and tips throughout the whole recording and mixing process. It was you who really encouraged me to make the final step and release songs at last. I’ve gained much more confidence in my audio skills by attending your courses, reading your books, and watching your videos. Thanks a lot!!!"

- Michael Schu (Germany)


Mix Finisher Formula shows you the simple system to confidently finish your mixes and proudly release your records...every time you work on a song.

Module #1

The Pre-Mixing Music Mindset

  • How to find the hidden pockets of time in your schedule so you can finally finish your songs, even if you have a full-time job and a family
  • ​Discover EXACTLY where to put your acoustic treatment for the best results
  • Where to start when you're ready to invest in acoustic treatment
  • ​How to find the right monitors for you and your specific home studio setup
  • How to get the biggest bang for your buck when you're buying new equipment so you always get the right equipment for your studio
  • Follow this complete checklist before you start mixing so you know your track is perfect before you start.
  • How to get great tracks right at the source so that your mixing process is a breeze
  • The simple production process Anna Kendrick can show you about creating a powerful hit song
  • ​The secret to speeding up your mixing process so that you can get creative immediately
  • How to clean up and prep your tracks so that they're ready for mixing
  • ​How to quickly edit your drums and bass together to both conserve the groove while keeping the time
  • How to edit and comp vocals for a better master performance

Module #2

Mix Template Formula

  • The quickest way to get a great rough mix without wasting time browsing your plug-ins folder​
  • The secret to speeding up your mixing process so that you can get creative immediately
  • ​Exactly how to group and buss your instruments for a faster workflow so that you can keep mixing instead of managing tracks
  • Apply the exact EQ filters for instant low-mid cleanup without you needing to waste time EQ'ing the low-end every time
  • How a mix template can shave hours off your mixing time so you can get better mixes in less time
  • ​Exactly what plug-ins you should be using on your mix bus to get a good rough mix immediately
  • ​​How to set up your instrument and vocal mixing template to easily make your instruments stand out
  • ​​What effects busses you should create in your template so you can easily create punch through parallel compression, width through stereo widening, and depth with reverb and delay

Module #3

Mixing Philosophy

  • What professional mixing engineers don't tell you about parallel processing to create powerful mixes
  • How to prepare your mix so that you start off on the right track (no pun intended)
  • ​The simple naming structure for your tracks so that you can speed through a giant session
  • ​The subtle difference between phase and polarity
  • ​Your gain-staging game plan so you don't accidentally overcook your mix
  • ​How to gain-stage your session when you have over 100 tracks in your mix
  • ​The three simple approaches to starting your mix depending on your style
  • ​​How to get a rough static mix with NO plug-ins

Module #4

The 5 Plug-in Framework

  • The hidden danger that can make your tracks thin and weak
  • ​​The two-step process to use low-pass filters to tighten up guitars while making them cut through the mix
  • Take the guesswork out of EQ and follow along so you know exactly when and why you should cut and boost each instrument.
  • How to use filters to clean up your low-end, fix your muddy mixes, and get rid of harsh high-end.
  • ​How to use EQ to bring out the best of the drums (whether you're mixing acoustic drums or programmed beats), bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, and other instruments.
  • The underused frequency area where you can bring out the character of the keyboards without masking other aspects of the mix
  • ​How to EQ a vocal-heavy song so that the backup vocals don't overpower the lead vocals
  • How to get rid of muddiness, reduce boom and add presence and sparkle to a mix using JUST EQ
  • ​The most important, but overlooked aspect of using EQ to rebalance your mix to hear the separation between all the instruments in your song
  • ​​How to keep the mid-range in check so you don't get boxy kick drums, honky guitars, muddy bass or nasally vocals.
  • The hidden danger that can make your tracks thin and weak
  • The two-step process for low-pass filters to tighten up guitars while making them cut through the mix
  • ​The underused frequency area where you can bring out the character of the keyboards without masking other aspects of the mix
  • ​How to EQ a vocal-heavy song so that the backup vocals don't overpower the lead vocals
  • How to use every button on your compressor to effectively add punch and power to your mix.
  • How to use the ratio to squeeze your drums and make them thicker, punchier, and more powerful
  • ​How to use two different compressors in serial to get the best of both worlds that are better than the sum of their parts. This is an incredible trick for big, in-your-face vocals
  • ​The easy way to use parallel compression as an insert instead of a send to make your punchy parallel compression even easier
  • ​How to create a compression system to make every compression decision easier on every mix.
  • ​How to use parallel compression and multi-band compression to add punch, thickness, and weight to your mixes
  • ​Exactly what all the crazy settings on your reverbs do and how you can use them to add space and depth to your tracks
  • ​How to rebalance your EQ after compression to keep everything going smoothly. Compression alters the volume and loudness of each track so careful rebalancing is key to keeping your song consistent every time you add a new processor to the mix.
  • The two most important knobs on your compressor and how they affect the entire sound of your tracks. Working these knobs wrong will make your instruments sound dull and lifeless
  • The sneaky way to use presets to speed up your mixing (while still tweaking them for the best results)
  • ​How to know which compressor-style and emulation to use on each instrument. If you've wondered about the difference between VCA, FET, or OPTO you'll know EXACTLY how each one sounds after this video
  • ​How to apply compression to your tracks, your submixes, your master bus, and in parallel for the best results.
  • How to know which room mode to use, and how they affect the feel of your mix
  • What you should NEVER add reverb to in a mix. Adding too much reverb to everything will result in a washed-out mix. Make sure you keep these few things dry.
  • ​How to use short and weird reverb settings to make bigger snares.
  • ​See how you can easily separate your acoustic and electric guitars with different reverb based on what they're playing
  • How to use the 3-Verb technique to instantly create space in your mix
  • ​7 ways to find the right reverb for your mix, whatever genre you're working in.
  • ​How to use sends to place your instruments in the mix according to how much impact you want them to have
  • ​When to use delays instead of reverbs when you want to add depth without adding too much space.
  • ​How to use delays to create stereo widening to create a powerful stereo image.
  • ​When to use mono instead of stereo delays.
  • ​​How to use saturation on your submixes and busses.
  • ​How to use modulated stereo delays to keyboards. This subtle trick will add depth to your keyboards without cluttering up the rest of the mix
  • ​​How to use delays on guitar solos, rhythm guitars, lead vocals, drums, and percussion, as well as organs, synths, and keyboards.
  • ​​The incredibly important aspect of how and why to EQ your reverbs for a cleaner mix.
  • The best way to use tape saturation to make your mixes smoother and warm.
  • Your step-by-step approach to knowing whether or not to use saturation on a track.
  • How to use multi-band saturation to give your snare drum the bite it needs to cut through a busy mix.
  • How to use parallel saturation to create subtle thickness and warmth.
  • ​How to apply saturation on drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, synths, and vocals.
  • ​​Your easy process to find which saturation plug-in is the best to use to make your tracks stand out.
  • ​​The importance of not going overboard with your saturation plug-ins.
  • How to give your kick drum more low-end thickness and weight with saturation
  • How to add warm tape emulation to bring out the acoustic guitars in your mix.
  • ​How to use saturation to dirty up your keyboard patch to make it more interesting.

"I found this course to be detailed, relevant, and very practical - and quite a bit of fun. Specifically, I found each of the tutorial videos engaging and detailed, yet it was not "preachy" as "this is the only way to" I learned the difference between EQ'ing for balance and cohesion and EQ'ing for color and dimension. The visual component of seeing the specific instrument's frequency range really helps nail problem areas more efficiently. Also, this course has changed (and simplified) the way I set up a session. The idea is great. You explain a little bit of why you use the plugin and what the overall goal is. Then you do it live and then explain what you have done."

-Ken Bauer, Mixing Engineer

"I appreciate your help in the last 6 months. I’m improving so fast that my own mixes are blowing me away and I have to say I owe it mostly to Audio Issues. The Mix Finisher Formula really took me places. I now know how to properly use compression, create space in the music and organise my work flow among many other things. As an Insider, sharing mixes and getting feedback from a bunch of generous, talented people has been invaluable. You are a true teacher, dedicated to and focused on addressing the needs of individual members. You're likeable, fun to work with and I really believe your heart is in the right place. Thanks again."

-Neil Curzon, Indie Musician

Module #5

The Mix Translation Formula

  • The step-by-step mixing workflow you can follow on every mix without getting overwhelmed
  • ​Three ways to use reference tracks to get your mixes sounding like professional records
  • ​How to fix mix translation issues when your mix sounds like it has a blanket over it
  • ​How to make your mixes sound exciting without excessive tweaks.
  • How to check your mixes on multiple systems and what to look out for so that they translate everywhere.
  • Get my 7-step process of checking your final mix on different monitoring systems and speakers so they sound the same on every speaker
  • ​What to think about when you can only mix on headphones.

Module #6

The Mix/Master Formula

  • What exactly is Mastering and how you can use it to make your mixes sound like professional, release-worthy records
  • ​How to get professionally mastered, punchy and loud records, without needing to hire an expensive mastering engineer
  • ​Discover the Secret Weapon for LOUD Masters (that happens during the mixing phase)
  • Get instant access to my simple, 3-step formula for mastering your mixes punchy and loud
  • ​Get a list of the best metering plug-ins you need to use to make your mixes sound dynamic AND loud. If you're not using the right meters you're flying blind into Spotify-squashing territory.
  • ​WHY Linear Phase EQ will get you better mastering results
  • ​Uncover the fast and easy way to use multi-band compression to so that you can squeeze your mix just right without sucking the life out of it
  • How to Use Limiting (so that you can make your mixes loud and powerful without sounding squashed and lifeless, or worse...turned down by streaming services)

"these lessons really made a huge difference to me... I'm a rookie, and an older one as well, unfortunately, so it took me some effort to get it right, but thanks to this I finally plunged into my DAW, which is Cubase. I set up a template where I routed my kick/snare/toms & overheads into a drum bus and my lead and backing vox into a vocal bus. I love the parallel opto and fet-compressing, which does magic for the vocals, in my particular case. Very happy with this course, thx!"

-Tom Vandegoor

"I am SOOOOO glad that you incorporated this in this module! My main mix focus is vocals, specifically a cappella and hearing pitch perfect again is a reminder of a quality mix that I am hoping to get to the level of one day. I'm obsessed with this style and appreciate the mix behind it too and can't wait to get to that level. Thanks again for sharing this!!! I cannot express how happy I am haha"

-Philip Torrenueva

"I am so pumped to revisit my first mix! I would say there were many big takeaways from this course. It was great to take the process apart and dive deep into how each piece builds on each other. There were also parts of the mix process I was struggling to control and get the most out of such as delay and saturation. I feel much more confident. I have been doing some mixing work on other things while doing this course and myself and others have noticed improvements. Thanks again for everything!"

-David Lussier, Home Studio Musician

Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You Enroll Today

Home Recording Hacks

Mixing is SO easy when you start with great tracks, but it's surprising how often this process is overlooked. That's why you'll get instant access to the 5-part Home Recording Hacks program inside MFF so that you can get great, mix-ready tracks at the source from your home studio.

Audio Client Canvas

If you're looking to make a career out of your audio skills you'll get the exact method that's been battle-tested and proven to find customers. I've used the "Audio Client Canvas" method to attract 14,958 customers in the audio industry without being sleazy and annoying and you're guaranteed to find clients and customers if you follow the same plan.

Record Release Strategy

Even if you don't have an interest in making mixing your "full-time career" you'll still want your songs to reach a wide audience. That's why you'll get the four-week strategy for successfully releasing your tracks so that they get heard by your fans. If you're overwhelmed with all the different things you need to do to effectively promote your next song, don't worry. You'll get one Action Item to do every day for four weeks (excluding weekends!) so that you can slowly but surely get everything in place before you release your next record.

The Step-By-Step Mixing System ($212 Value)

Step By Step Mixing has helped 20,000 (and counting!) musicians, producers, and engineers improve their mixing skills and you'll get it as a free bonus when you enroll in Mix Finisher Formula.

  • Step By Step Mixing: How To Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins PDF, ePub versions for any e-reader ($17 Value) PLUS a professionally narrated audiobook version ($27 Value)
  • Video Series: 2-Part 5 Plug-in Mix Quickstart Video Series ($49 Value)
  • Masterclass: Mix Translation Masterclass to make your mixes sound good on every speaker ($19 Value)
  • Q&A: Home Studio Mastering Q&A to help you professionally master your mixes without hiring a mastering engineer or buying expensive equipment ($100 Value)

Better Mixes in Less Time: The Productivity Playbook for Mixing Engineers ($7 Value)

Save hours on every song you mix with easy productivity tips guaranteed to speed up your workflow.
If you're currently taking forever to finish each mix, then Better Mixes in Less Time will help you save hours of unnecessary mix work so you can crank out quality mixes in no time.

70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career Masterclass ($97 Value)

Don't know how to start earning an income with your skills? With your music and audio skills, you're practically sitting on a gold mine with your studio. In 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career, you'll discover how to use your musical skills to expand your expertise and income, with plenty of ideas to make money playing live, ways to make money online or create passive income from your original music.

Mix Finisher Formula Works Even If You Don't Have All the Latest Plug-ins, Expensive Gear or a Pro Studio

If you think your mixes are just all right, but not quite there yet...and you want to improve your skills without buying yet another plug-in, hiring expensive mixing engineers, or wasting even more time going down a Youtube rabbit hole, then Mix Finisher Formula will get you there.

If you don't want to spend years demystifying the mixing process...or don't want to completely uproot and change your life to attend audio school to learn mixing, Mix Finisher Formula will help you turn your hobby into the beginning of a freelance career.

If you need to transform your understanding of mixing to a whole 'nother level, without wasting years with trial and error mixing methods, Mix Finisher Formula is the place to start.

Take a Listen to Our Students

My materials have helped countless musicians, engineers and producers gain the confidence and skills to make professional music they can be proud of.

More importantly, they’ve used my techniques to actually finish their mixes and release their songs.

Whether they’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM, or hip-hop, they’ve all gained the confidence to proudly release their records.

So many of my students have achieved this that I created a Spotify playlist with some of my favorite student releases for you to listen to.

It makes for quite the eclectic playlist, and I'd love to feature you on there too when you release your next song.

"Literally, within a short amount of time, you will know so much more than what you knew before. I went down a rabbit hole of actually acknowledging what plug ins I do own, and actually having an idea of what they are meant to do. But it's great to have a template, and there is no way I would have such a template to experiment with if I was not doing this course. It's making me challenge myself and break on through. It's taking me a little longer, but I know for myself that I am making gains. Very helpful all around thanks. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You definitely give people a sense of hope and purpose and the fact that it can be done and you and your knowledge is amazing!”

-George Coutsoudis

365-Day 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Mix Finisher Formula comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I promise that following the workflow inside Mix Finisher Formula you'll mix punchy and powerful records. If there's even a slight chance that this program can work for you to improve your mixes, it's a no-brainer to try it out.

You can even take the program for a spin before you make up your mind. You can try all the tricks and keep the training for a full year before deciding whether you like them or not.

If at any point within 365 days you decide that Mix Finisher Formula doesn't immediately help you transform your recordings into professionally mixed records like the hits you hear on the radio, simply email at ANY TIME to get a full refund, no questions asked or strings attached!

Your fans will love the new professional sounds you're releasing, and you'll impress every new client that comes to your studio because you'll easily show them how good you can make them sound.

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you do not get any value from what I'm creating for you. So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.

Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula Right Now


If You Give a FAQ About Mix Finisher Formula, Read This:

Do I Need Specific Plug-ins or a Specific DAW?

Not at all. You can use any plug-ins you have available. I use a combination of a few plug-ins which you probably have similar versions of so you can use whatever you have access to in your DAW to get great results in this program. I'll show you the method and the process, not how to use a particular plug-in so you'll get everything you need to know to get great mixes, regardless of what plug-ins you have.  

How long do I have access to the program?

You'll have lifetime access to the program, all the bonuses AND any updates added to the program in the future so you can take or refresh your understanding of the program whenever you have time.

But I don't have a fancy studio...?

Actually, that’s a good thing because I am showing you everything I’ve discovered from mixing music in my home studio so that you can do the same in yours, even if you don’t have fancy acoustic treatment or a professionally tuned room! In addition, the Pre-Mixing Mindset module will go through everything you need to know about setting up your studio and treating your room so that you can focus on making better music.

I only do [insert random music genre here]. Will this help me?

You can use the methods inside Mix Finisher Formula on any genre of music. My students work in every style of music, from rock, country and folk to EDM, hip-hop and pop. Mix Finisher Formula reveals all the methods you need to apply to make your music sound better. At the end of this program, you'll have all the knowledge you need to create professional mixes, no matter what genre you're working in.  

"But music is just a hobby to me, why should I care about mixing?"

If you don't care about making your mixes sound better you should probably leave this page right now and spend your time somewhere else. I'm honestly surprised that you made it this far if you didn't care about the topic.

A hobby is something you’re passionate about. An "amateur" musician is a lover of making music. If you want to be proud of the music you make in your free time as a hobby, you should know how to do it properly.

Mixing is a crucial part to make your songs sound like the records you hear on the radio. If you want people to actually listen to your music it needs to sound professional.  

How much time does it take?

Mixing, mastering, and releasing your music is a never-ending, amazing process. You can enjoy that process, even more, when you follow along with the videos inside MFF. I've broken each module down into multiple shorter videos so you can easily consume a little bit at a time, whenever you have time to spare. Whether you have 5 minutes, 50 minutes, or 5 hours you'll be able to find everything you need to know in order to make your mixes radio-ready and professional. 

Is this for beginners or advanced engineers?

This is for anyone who wants to know everything they need about mixing music to make it professional and radio-ready. If you're unhappy with how your mixes sound and want to add that final 10% to your skillset to make them sound like professional records, Mix Finisher Formula is for you. If you're a beginner, you'll find everything you need to know. If you're already familiar with mixing, this will give you even more tips, tricks, and techniques to try out to improve your sounds.  

How is the program delivered?

As soon as you sign up you'll get access to the Mix Finisher Formula members area that you can access from your computer or your smartphone. You can stream all of the high-quality videos through our membership software.

Can't I just learn this on Youtube?

Honestly? Not really. Last time I checked, Youtubers don't give you detailed support to help you succeed. You can certainly search for videos teaching you tips and tricks, but no video will tie everything together like this to show you how to transform your recordings into great mixes. Instead, you'll end up wading through poorly explained techniques and watching a bunch of ads.

Mix Finisher Formula is like your own private Youtube with videos in order that show you how to mix from A - Z, in order, answering all of your questions...with no ads.

No Youtube channel or other mixing program gives you the type of individual attention like Mix Finisher Formula. I'm in there to support you whenever you have a question or get stuck on a module so you never have to worry about feeling alone or confused with any of the topics you'll find inside the program.  

It's Time to Follow the Formula

Ok, it's time to choose where you want your music to be in the next few months.

Option #1

The Shrug and SQUIRREL! Strategy

People usually tell you that you have one option, but the truth is: you have too many.

You'll be like that dog in Up, jumping from one thing to another, buying the next shiny thing, and never implementing a true workflow to get to a finished mix.

In six months, you'll be exactly where you are now with your next track. If you're tired of that...Mix Finisher Formula is guaranteed to help.

Option #2

The Success Kid Strategy

You'll follow a proven mixing system to help you confidently finish your mixes and proudly release your records.

You’ll acquire the skills to easily mix any genre with just a simple formula you can apply to make your next mix your best mix, even if you only have a home studio with stock plug-ins.

If there's even a slight chance that this program can work for you to improve your mixes, it's a no-brainer to try it out. 

Confidently Finish Your Mixes and Proudly Release Your Records

If you want to release music you're proud of, you have a few options:

  • You can go to audio school and pay $25,000+ to learn how to record, mix, master, and release your music...
  • You can pay a mixing engineer $500 every time you want to release only one song...

Or you can acquire the same skills, and get the help you need to release your music as early as next month, at a fraction of the price.

It's a no-brainer to try it out. Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula today and get instant access.

Select your package to get started:

Mix Finisher Formula

  • Mix Finisher Formula ($597 Value)

Plus All These Bonuses:

  • Home Recording Hacks ($47 Value)
  • Record Release Challenge ($97 Value)
  • Audio Client Canvas ($499 Value)
  • The Step-By-Step Mixing System ($212 Value)
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  • 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career Masterclass ($97 Value)

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If you scrolled all the way to the bottom and missed all of the juicy information on this page, here's a quick recap for you:

  • When I started out in audio, all of my mixes sounded terrible no matter what I did...
  • ​After 15+ years working in the audio industry, going to audio school, and mixing in pro and home studios, I created a fool-proof formula that helped me finish better mixes in less time.
  • ​I put this proven process into my flagship course, Mix Finisher Formula and it's the same material that's helped more than 20,000 musicians, producers, and engineers to date instantly improve their mixes.
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  • ​You can get ALL of this with an incredible 365-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. So if you don't immediately improve your mixes with the tips inside the program or don't like the course for whatever reason, I'll refund your money no questions asked.

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson, Icelander, Musician, Audio Engineer, and Founder of Audio Issues.

I've worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, and a freelance mixing and mastering engineer. Since 2009 I've been helping musicians and producers like you gain the confidence and skills to make professional music they can be proud to release.

I’m the author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins, and the creator of the Mix Finisher Formula program. I’ve also written over 1,000 articles and tutorials on audio production, both on Audio Issues and for other audio publications such as MusicTech magazine, Audiotuts+, The Pro Audio Files, and Recording Revolution, to name a few.

Mix Finisher Formula is the grand total of all the knowledge I've acquired about mixing, mastering, and releasing your records since starting my career in 2006.

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